Other software

Here there are some other little programs I made:

numclipper NumClipper: This simple program will store anything you want from the clipboard into a set of memories, so then it will be available every time you double press quickly the correspondent numeric key. This will be very useful to manage several contents of the clipboard at the same time, or to have always available something you have to paste very frequently.

Just download and unzip it, and is ready to be used, and to get details on how it works, click on the system tray icon.

NewWinManNew Window Manager (aka NewWinMan): This is a window manager that lets you stablish what to do when a new window is opened. It has a default option you can set to do nothing, activate, send to bottom, maximize, minimize, restore, or close the window; and also has conditions to determine what to do with some different group of windows (up to 4) based on their title. This could be useful managing pop-ups… Additionally you can sort non minimized windows in z-order (or focus order), by its title or its creation time.


Just download and unzip it, and it’s ready to be used. For more details read the tooltips (they appear when you move the cursor over an element of the window).

cursormovesCursorMoves: this is the most simple program, nonetheless very useful to emulate activity in your pc. Because it moves the cursor automatically and periodically after a defined number of seconds has elapsed. This number of seconds can be customised.

Just download and unzip it, and it’s ready to be used. For more details press F1 when cursormoves is running.

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