StickyShot now comes with OCR and more

StickyShot, the screenshots tool for Windows, now has the ability to get the text from different window controls, and for situations where that may not be enough, it even has 2 OCR alternatives to recognize and retrieve text from images. One of them uses Tesseract to locally perform the OCR in a faster way, and the other one sends a query with the screenshot to a web API in order to get better results.
Another upgrade that comes with the new StickyShot 1.1 is the setting to define if the screenshot should go directly to a file in the desktop, directly to the clipboard, and/or to a new window (default option).
To try this new version, download the installer from here (only in english so far).
And if you prefer to get the Full version with more features and without the 5 OCR runs limit of the Free version, follow this link to make the purchase.

screenshot of the text being retrieved from a screenshot of a banner
(screenshot of the text being retrieved from a screenshot of a banner)