EasyClicks Macros is about to be released!

Mouse and inputab

EasyClicks Macros is a powerful automation tool that lets you create macros in a very fast and easy way. Once you get the hang of it you’ll see that EasyClicks is the most simple way to have all the macros that you may need at the reach of your fingers; because combining the simplicity that could have an action macro recorder, with the precision that could be achieved by writing in some scripting code but without the need of learning any, you can almost instantaneously create and set the shortcut for your macro, and then try it and adjust it as many times you need even faster than with any other tool (if you even need it).

You can set each macro to be triggered only in certain windows, and in that way use the same key for several macros and for its original function at the same time, you can set a mixed coordinates system (i.e. relative in horizontal and window in vertical coordinates.. and several others), you can run a program or open a document, send text or keys (you can even remap keys), alternate functions with each stroke of the key, or even do loops!… and more.

There is already a lot you can do but it will be much more, and always maintaining its core concept. EasyClicks: macros made fast & easy.

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